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Mahjong HirobaFinally Released Mobile ver.

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It's easy and simple to access.

Mahjong HirobaLet's enjoy Mahjong Hiroba!

Game registration is free of charge and with ease to promptly start the game

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Simply create an account then enter your corresponding email address and confirmation of legal age to easily register.

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2Access via Browser

After successfully signup, access our game page and login.

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3Game start

After installation, log in to the account and join with players worldwide.

After creating the account, follow the instructions from the Initial guide.

Initial guide
Mahjong Hiroba Easy payment using credit card. iWallet and bank transfer are also available.

Mahjong HirobaEasy payment using credit card.
iWallet and bank transfer are also available.

The real money to be used in Mahjong Hiroba can be deposited using Credit Card, and is also available through iWallet and bank transfer.

* Currently we do not support V-preca

Deposit / Withdraw / Cashier (Transactions)

Mahjong HirobaCompete seriously and collect real money!!

Enjoy the game anywhere while you relax and absolutely cheaper than going to the Mahjong parlor.

Mahjong Hiroba

Mahjong HirobaFull scale Mahjong with players nationwide
Enjoy an absolutely cheaper way than going to the Mahjong parlor!

Playing in a low rate table of 1$ is good, however competing in the high rate table of 256$ is better! And without a doubt on hidden charges, as Mahjong Hiroba revenue system only transact betting fees.

Regarding betting transactions
Mahjong Hiroba

Mahjong HirobaDeposit access available anytime so convenient to have fun filled enjoyment.

You can deposit and withdraw thru convenience store ATM and bank/account transfer 24 hours a day.
Deposit and withdraw at anytime using familiar method such as iWallet and credit cards.

Guide to deposit

Mahjong HirobaOther contenders are waiting for you 24 hours, 365 days!

Mahjong Hiroba accessible online 24/7 for 365 days at anytime. For reference regarding bet and play, please view this page.

Has free trial game for the beginners.

Is Mahjong Hiroba safe?
Mahjong Hiroba

Mahjong Hiroba麻雀広場のココが良い!

Free Play

Click [Practice Now] button after starting the software, and try out to practice Mahjong!

Sanma and Yonma

Get to compete with other users online rather than playing with a computer . And enjoy the actual feeling of playing the table game just like in Mahjong parlors.

Play wit real money

Let's enjoy Mahjong Hiroba with real money! You can play anytime.


For game loss, just play on a rematch as there are tournaments held regularly. You may get a special bonus upon winning a tournament!

Online bank transactions

Just deposit in "My Account" for play. Payment instantly reflects after online settlement or via credit card method.

Payment method

Deposits and withdrawals can be made anytime you like using iWallet.

Official licensed

Mahjong Hiroba holds an official license granted by the Isle of Man Government and operates in a fair and impartial manner in accordance with its international license.

Thorough security measures

24 hours a day security surveillance is observed for monitoring games and for game irregularity prevention.

Revenue profit is earned through registration

Company profit is gained from registration based on play.